Six lines and extra chapters

Cheng Qian's face was white to the naked eye and he felt

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that he had almost been sucked into a mummy by the carving knife in his hand and that his internal organs had been drawn to the deadly leaf but this was the only chance for him and Han yuan I do not know whether the crisis inspired his potential Cheng Qian's first spell in his life was so close to becoming at that moment some extremely mysterious power was passed to him through the leaves in his hands but he was not in the mood to feel it Cheng Qian's whole person shook almost did not stand firm the whole body of the meridians like a needle prick pain Han yuan grabbed his arm "What's the matter with you Xiao Qian" Cheng Qian gritted his teeth took two deep breaths and slapped him away "Go back to find the master" Han yuan is stupefied "What" Cheng Qian "Go!" The male ghost suddenly took a few steps forward Cheng Qian pinched the leaf that had turned into a spell between his fingers and held it across his chest "Stop!" He snapped There was a faint fluorescence on the leaves I don't know if it was Cheng Qian's first attempt but he couldn't do it properly The spell didn't seem to be complete-it was half bright and half not bright now Male ghost's eyes fell on the leaves for a moment the expression actually had some Pure Brightness that pair of lifeless eyes slightly moved blue and white chapped lips lifted almost inaudible said "pure heart" Pure heart amulet Cheng Qian's feet were soft and he almost fell down He really shouldn't be lucky an entry carved on the leaves of the spell what can "ten thousand arrows through the heart" "fire company camp" and so on Cheng Qian's mouth is bitter so it seems that it is not as useful as that lighting

The male ghost looked at the pure heart amulet and couldn't help but take another step forward Cheng Qian could not retreat so he had to
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take out the wooden sword on his body His cold sweat soaked through his robe Because of the force he almost shook into a sieve but the tip of the sword in his hand pointed motionless at the other side The male ghost came to his senses slightly and said "I" I'm not a bad person son It seemed that the ghost had not spoken for eight hundred years His voice was very astringent and stuttering and he looked a little pitiful However Cheng Qian did not easily pity strangers He was not moved at all He only said to Han yuan behind him "I said get out of here and go back to find the master Don't get in the way here!" Han yuan looked helplessly at the back of his little brother who was trying to be brave "Xiao Qian he said he wasn't" "Shut up" said Cheng Qian at the end of his patience "You can't learn anything He's a demon who practices the way of ghosts" The word "magic repair" succeeded in calming Han yuan who stayed in place for a moment his face first shocked then turned into a blank and finally undisguisedly revealed panic and fear He gave a loud cry and turned to run Cheng Qian involuntarily straightened his waist and for a moment he did not know what it was like-Han yuan was upset here and when Han yuan ran his heart seemed to have been poked with an ice pick cold and painful But before he could suppress the unhappiness he heard the sound of stumbling footsteps behind him Cheng Qian looked sideways and saw that the little beggar had run back again Han yuan not only ran back himself but also found a big stone from somewhere He raised his hands above his head and made a fierce look ready to open the ladle He asked the ghost with a straight face "You
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" Are you a demon Cheng Qian was immediately convinced-what's the use of picking up stones Have you ever heard of a ghost being killed by a stone "I am not a demon" At that moment the male ghost opened his mouth and said "I" I'm just a ghost A "ghost" is a soul that is drawn alive and refined in a soul-devouring lamp After it is refined it is completely unconscious and only available for ghost repair I am Escaped not magic repair "male ghost topsy-turvy voice gradually fluent up he looked at Cheng Qian polite tunnel" little brother can you give me that pure heart amulet " "Nonsense" said Cheng Qian with a sneer "Ghosts are all virgins Are you a virgin" The male ghost seems to be able to be the father of the virgin girl The male ghost was in a daze His eyes moved down from the pure heart amulet and fell on Cheng Qian and the wooden sword in his hand He was silent for a long time as if recalling The look on his face seemed a little confused After a while he said "Wooden sword" You are a disciple of the Fuyao faction

No wonder you are so young You don't know that the ghost refined by the soul-devouring lamp is the primordial spirit of the monk followed by the soul of the monk and then the virgin who has not practiced but the latter is the easiest to catch and the easiest to refine "Then what are you" Asked Han yuan With a pained look on his face the male ghost whispered "Primordial spirit" As he spoke he saw Cheng Qian's defensive and incredulous face so he bent down and picked up the stone that Han yuan had just thrown at him As soon as Cheng Qian's pupil shrank he knew that the ordinary soul could not touch the real thing Since this person could pick up the stone it showed that he was indeed a primordial God But Only the great elder can have the primordial spirit and according to his observation I'm afraid even his master doesn't have it Cheng Qian
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stood stiffly for a moment and finally put down his wooden sword Even if he had no self-knowledge he knew that no matter what the other side said was true or false he had no room to struggle in the face of a primordial monk I am Mu Lanshan Tang speaking of it I met your teacher once "The male ghost said with a slight trance" A hundred years ago I was plotted against by the devil and the primordial spirit fell into the soul-eating lamp Fortunately it was not completely refined By chance I escaped but because of a hundred years of imprisonment I lost my mind and almost forgot my name Fortunately the little brother has this pure heart charm in his hand you Can you give it to me Cheng Qian thought about it put the leaves on the ground and then cautiously grabbed Han yuan and stepped back a dozen steps The male ghost's face flashed with joy and immediately reached out to attract the leaves into his hands The fluorescence of the leaves was suddenly strong and in an instant it turned into a group of white light into the male ghost's body The ghostly blood and stench on his body dispersed a lot in an instant and the whole person was not so blue and white The male ghost who claimed to be Tang Qian took a deep breath and bowed to Cheng Qian and Han yuan saying "Thank you for your kindness Please greet your teacher for me Jiang Peng the devil has some connections with your school Please be careful" With that he disappeared into the air as if he had never existed

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